Online fraction calculator

Online fraction calculator perform any basic operations with fractions and will help you to understand ⇒How to add fractions or subtract fractions, or how to divide and multiply fractions. If you forgot what is numerator and denominator in fraction ? The picture below wiil illustrate that to you:


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How to use fractions calculator

  1. For the first fraction: in first blank field on online fractions calculator write in the numerator (numerator1), then in the second blank field write in the denominator (denominator1).
  2. Now assign a certain operation between two fractions (field: operation) – You want to add, subtract, divide or multiply fractions?
  3. For the second fraction: in the next blank field on online fractions calculator write in the numerator of the second fraction (numerator2), then in next blank field write in the denominator (denominator2).
  4. In final step just press calculate and the result will be shown.

This special fractions calculator will convert your fraction to the lowest common denominator. Check your own fraction calculations or practice online.

About fractions

Fraction  (origin “fractus”, from Latin means  broken) is a part of whole, or  any number of equal parts. Fraction is not used only in math, they are used in everyday English and describes how many parts of a certain size there are, for example: three-quarters, one-half. A fraction (example: ) consist of an integer numerator, which is displayed above the line, and non-zero denominator, displayed below the line. Numerator represents a number of equal parts and the dominator (cannot be zero) tell us how many parts make up a unit or a whole. In our example, in the fraction, the numerator one tell us the fraction represents one equal part, and dominator tell us that two parts make up a whole. Fractions can be written without using the numerators and denominators, using the decimals, or percent signs (example: 0,01, 1%). Fractions also can be represented as ratios and divisions.